Taking it Slow!

walking down the aisle

Down the Aisle, Grand Entrance and Grand Sendoff: Take it slow!
You would think that most people would take these moments slowly, but when they’re actually in the moment, there’s a lot of excitement.

It’s important to take is slow for a few reasons.

  • This is a big moment and you want to maximize every moment of it. All eyes are on you and you’ll remember this walk for the rest of your life, so enjoy it!
  • This is a great photographic opportunity and we want to capture it all.

Some things to consider beforehand to make it easier on the day is:

  • Walking down the aisle, remember that walking in your wedding dress can be difficult and distracting. Be aware so you don’t step on your dress and walk with grace.
  • During Grand Entrance, know the path that you’re going to walk beforehand. It can be very busy and congested when you actually get into the room, so have a plan.
  • For the Grand Sendoff, typically it happens so fast because there is just a short tunnel of people to walk through. Take this even slower than the other moments.